Consumer insights: youngsters fancy electric cars

Consumer insights electric cars: Youngsters like electric vehicles

One of the most interesting parts of being a marketer is the never ending quest of creating a marketing led ethos throughout your business. Successful CMOs and marketing directors realize it by building bridges across multiple organizational silos and by encouraging to support a shared vision. The most powerful tool they have for that is to make customer insights relevant and meaningful to co-workers. That is why marketers have a sixth sense for what is called consumer insights.  A consumer insight is a flash of understanding on the part of a marketer regarding an unidentified or unmet need in the marketplace, or a new/better way to satisfy an existing need.

Automotive marketers are by nature interested in what motivates people to adopt new technology such as electric vehicles. And we from Marketing in Automotive obviously are no different  and write about new developments and insights in why consumers like EVs. Recurring statements are status – being innovative when you drive electric, variable cost – electricity being cheaper than petrol, comfort – less noise, care for the environment & green mindedness – no CO2 emission. See also the article The adoption of electric cars (link).

One insight have not come across yet is why teenagers and youngster still living at home love electric cars. Marketing rock star Guy Kawasaki, advisor for Motorola and Honda, drives a Honda Fit. On his Facebook page he regularly writes about his experiences with the car :

“I’ve used a Honda Fit for a couple of months and love it. Just not having to spend the time to put in gas is wonderful. Charging it at home (no special 220 line) works just fine.  The Fit can go approximately 80 miles on a charge, and that’s plenty for going to Motorola, my house, and the rink. There are charging stations at Motorola too.  The oddest thing is that I expected that my 20 year old son wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole, but he loves it, and I have to fight him for it. Reason: he doesn’t have to use his money to buy gas.”

How about that for an insight on electric cars?

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