CMOs slacking in mobile marketing?

CMOs slacking in mobile marketing?

The role of today’s chief marketing officer has fundamentally changed. Knowledge of digital and mobile is more crucial than ever and many CMOs are currently struggling to understand today’s increasingly digital-savvy customers.

According to Mobile Marketer, CMOs need to better understand that reaching today’s consumer is not about traditional marketing. It is increasingly about creating contextual and relevant experiences that engage with customers and that begins with mobile. But while today’s consumers live in a mobile world, many of the CMO’s are still keeping their focus on traditional marketing.

But why are CMO’s slacking in mobile?

The first reason of which is a digital disconnect between digital natives and the CMO who occupies the executive suite. CMOs need to build the bridge between themselves and their digital native colleagues since they are able to create, test and prove digital strategies for  the company. Another reason for slacking in mobile is the fear of big data. The scariest thing for a traditional marketer is to know that every campaign can be tracked, measured and critiqued.

But consumers are creating mobile content, communicating with their friends and family through messaging applications and trying to buy products from their mobile devices. The time is now for marketers to anticipate in today’s reality and take the risk to change the focus of their marketing strategy.

A good advice from James Citron, CMO of Payvia: “When creating marketing strategies that truly fit today’s consumer behavior, CMOs can create relevant experiences that will resonate with their customers and drive the relevance, engagement and loyalty that marketers strive for.”