CEO Volkswagen: autonomous driving remains a minority

volkswwagen ceo Jonathan Browning

Volkswagen US CEO Jonathan Browning is interviewed on the strategy of the company on electric vehicles in this video. The company presented its electric eGolf and eUp! models at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. During the interview he is also asked about VW’s vision on self driving or autopilot vehicles.

Other automotive companies (ed: read Nissan) have announced that a self driving car will be realized by 2020 and Tesla Motors raised the bar with the announcement that autonomous driving will become available as early as 2016. With this in mind the statement of VW’s CEO is a kind of remarkable. He states that “self driving cars will remain a minority.” See for yourself at 4:30 in the video above.

For him I hope I am wrong, but this might turn out to be a video in the same category as this one in which Steve Ballmer of Microsoft utters his lack of understanding about the Apple iPhone concept. In retrospect he had it “a little bit” wrong.



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