Electric vehicle sales UK on the rise

The BMW i3 electric car, due to launch in 2013

Britain’s electric highway has seen a staggering increase in use, with electricity consumption increasing 4,500 per cent between February and April 2013, compared to the same period, last year, as Greencar co.uk reports.
Are the Brits picking up on electric driving? …Continue reading

Robotic cars: are legislators ready for this disruptive technology ?

Volvo self driving or robotic car 2014

Autonomous or robotic cars is the newest buzz in the automotive industry. It all started some three years ago when Google sponsored the self-driving car research program by Stanford University. The project created a lot of publicity. The video of Steve Mahan, a citizen with a 95% reduced eye sight, behind the wheel of an autonomous driving Toyota Prius, generated some 4,4 million views on Youtube. …Continue reading

Why electric cars are like smart phones

Electric cars charging in Amsterdam
Selling electric cars in the same way as mobile phones could boost sales, says Simon Donohue in the Telegraph. In his article he draws parallels between the marketing practices of mobile phone companies and operators and car manufacturers. He heads the article with “Why electric cars could be sold like phones”. The popular answer might be: because they can! However, the parallel between EVs and smart phones does not stop when the sale is done. …Continue reading

Car sales April 2013: Economic recovery or BMW no longer premium?


If a premium brand gains 11 percent for the year through April, maybe it’s time to state economic recovery. Certainly for Mercedes, which extends lead over BMW in the U.S. with this gain last month. In the Netherlands though, economic recovery is not really a fact. To say the least. Therefore BMW attracts attention with a gain of 10 percent in April. What happened here? Is BMW no longer a premium luxury brand but the brand-of-choice in an economic downturn? …Continue reading

50 years old, 100 percent electric









Why buying a new electric car if you can change a beautiful 50 year old VW Beetle into an electric vehicle? That’s what David Bernardo, founder of the Californian company Zelectric Motors must have thought. His company has plans to convert vintage VW cars into 100 percent electric cars.

But why the VW Beetle?
According to Zelectric Motors, their universal popularity along with a robust industry in support of VW owners make this car a good candidate. Around the world, thousands of specialized mechanics, owners’ clubs and parts manufacturers can be found. Thereby, the simple design of the VW Beetle and its light weight are exceptional and perfect for an electric drive.