New mobility concept Nissan: Leaf EV for commuting and a SUV for vacation.

Nissan Leaf concept 2011With its limited range of 175 kilometers (108 miles) the full electric Nissan Leaf might not be the perfect car for a vacation road trip across Europe. However for daily commuting an electric car seems almost ideal with its low operation costs, zero emission, low noise, tax advantages and comfortable driving dynamics. To give you the best for all your driving, Nissan Netherlands now offers a new mobility concept. …Continue reading

Should car retailers consider promoting their products through Groupon ?

Groupon is a wildly successful marketing tool. The most successful Groupon promotion ever was a voucher offering “$25 for $50 worth of shoes, apparel, and more at Nordstrom Rack”.  Research conducted by data scientist Paul Butler showed that roughly 623,000 people purchased the coupon, generating a total of $15.6 million.

What could this tool bring to European automotive retailers? Continue reading

Renault show their muscle and increase media spending by 67,9% in Q1 2012, are they?

In the Dutch market the media spending by some automotive brands seem to explode. Adfact reports that the overall total mediaspendings in the first quarter in automotive were 17,5% higher than in 2011. In total the automotive brands spent 87 m Euro in gross media value …Continue reading

Auto Industry Should Align Search and Display Campaigns and Even More

The blog for marketing resource management specialists,, presents an article with its interpretation of a recent study by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). They point out that car makers should integrate their search and display online ad campaigns to boost customer conversions Continue reading

Is automotive the toughest industry to create personalized offers with mobile and social?

The leading Dutch marketing blog Marketingfacts quotes a report by Gartner which says “Predicts 2012: Retailers Turn to Personalized Offers Through Mobile and Social but Will Struggle With Multichannel Execution”. How true is that for the automotive sector!

In the report Mim Burt, research director of Gartner, explains that executing cross-channel strategies will prove challenging, because retailers need to cope with siloed business processes …Continue reading

Why some Dutch automotive marketers should look more closely at their website

The website of an automotive brand is one of its most important tools to inform prospective buyers. There is undeniable correlation between the website traffic of a car brand and the number of customers a dealer can expect in the showroom …Continue reading

Most valued car commercials during Super Bowl 2012 by Chevrolet, Kia and Volkswagen

Last night (CET) the Superbowl was played and the New York Giants were the winners. On the side there is completely different competition going on: Which brand is producing the most valued TV commercial? The breaks in the Super Bowl are predominantly filled with commercials by car brands.

AdAge compiled an overview of all advertisers. The car brands and car related advertisers that participated this year were Honda, Acura, Audi, Fiat/Chrysler, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Volkswagen, Bridgestone and

The best rated car commercials in 2012 were by Kia, Chevrolet and Volkswagen.

Videos of all Super Bowl commercials can be found in:

What goes around comes around

Every marketer gives it a thought once in a while in his or hers career: Should we produce advertising in which we compare ourselves directly to our competition? In the Dutch automotive market it is some sort of a gentlemen’s agreement not make any direct comparisons between brands and models. Although there is no fundamental reason for this, most marketers just don’t do it because they keep in mind, that What goes around comes around.

Here is a great example of that from California originally posted byJulika Englert from New York.

Audi A4 vs BMW 3 series ad in Santa Monica California

Facebook Engagement Top 100: Which car brands are leading?

Volkswagen Facebook promotion

Car brands spend significant resources in money, people and time on their Facebook pages. Some brands strive for the biggest number in likes. That is just one thing, because what really matters if a brand is a able to engage or even better enchant its readers. Creating a true dialogue with its fans. started the Dutch Facebook Engagement Index. This is a top 100 list of brands with at least 10.000 fans and their score in engagement. A full overview of the top 100 can be found on the Marketingfacts Facebook page.

How are car brands doing in this top 100?

Here is the top 5 list with in brackets the number of fans as they had on January 20th 2012:

  1. BMW  (14698)
  2. Volkswagen  (70330)
  3. Audi  (16482)
  4. Renault  (25861)
  5. Peugeot (14619)