The car commercials of the 2014 Super Bowl

Chrysler Super Bowl 2014 commercial screen shotLast night (CET) the 2014 Super Bowl was played. Even if you are in Europe and you are not a fan, you know by now that the Seattle Seahawks are the champions of Super Bowl XLVIII. On the side there is completely different competition going on: Which brand is producing the most valued TV commercial? Car brands are one group of advertisers that are filling up the breaks during the game. One opinion was that the Super Bowl ads outshined the game this year. Here are the videos of all car manufacturers that aired a commercial during the Super Bowl.

Which automaker came out on top in your opinion?

Chrysler’s Super Bowl Spot with Bob Dylan

Chevrolet aired two commercials…

Hyundai’s “Nice” and “Dad’s sixth sense” Super Bowl commercials

Jaguar’s British Villains Super Bowl Thriller

Kia’s commercial with Laurence Fishburne as the enigmatic Morpheus from the “Matrix” movies.

Maserati’s Artful Ad for Super Bowl XLVIII

Audi’s “Doberhuaha” Super Bowl Ad

 Smart USA

Ford Fusion “Double” Super Bowl Pregame Spot

 Jeep’s “Restless” Super Bowl Spot

Toyota Highlander and the Muppets

This year’s effort of Volkswagen







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