Car Brands and National Heritage – Partnership of the Day

Car Brands and National Heritage
This week we noticed three new tv commercials that have a concept along the same line: A car brand, presenting a new model, while going back to their national roots and working together with celebrities of their native country.

Car brands tend to think of themselves as global brands. In general the themes in tv commercials have to appeal to an international audience. This made that concept developers at agencies tended to stay away from linking a car brand to a local hero form the car brands country of origin.

But like every trend has an opposite trend, linking a new car model to a hero from the country where the brand orginates from, seems to become the new way to go.

Here are the examples:

Mazda presents the facelift of their CX 5 with a tv commercial in which they compare the art of building cars with the craftsmanship of Japanese hammersmiths that make Samurai swords.

The next one in this trend is Citroën. Citroën shows designer Yves Saint-Laurent in their new commercial where he introduces the concept of “anti-uniform”. Subsequently, this term is used by Citroën to describe their DS3 Cabrio.

The third one is Volvo. Volvo started a partnership with well-known personalities in their native country Sweden. For years, Volvo has presented their XC-series as a tool to exchange the hectic city for nature and adventure. A series of cars where you can leave the world behind you with. Because DJ-trio Swedish House Maffia became famous with their song Leave the World Behind You, the partnership with these musicians was easily found. For the commercial of the new Volvo XC60, Swedish House Maffia made a new version of their old hit together with singer Lune.

The commercials of Mazda, Citroën and Volvo are quite different. Which one do you think succeeded best in their partnership and link to their heritage?

We are curious if this trend will find its way to other tv commercials.

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