Car and iPhone integration, a ridiculous idea?

Today the editor of (, Wouter Karssen, posted a tweet why on earth there is not such a thing in any car on the market as a head up display which shows the screen of your iPhone. I believe all of you smartphone fans out there totally agree this could be an USP to any car. I am surprised as well that such a device is not presented at a motorshow yet as an available option for a new car. The technology is there. It was presented by Pioneer as an OEM part in 2010. The video below shows you an Android navigation system.

Pioneer presents head up display with Android based navigation

The thing that comes closest is a concept of SMART (the car brand of Daimler). They showed an electric scooter on the 2010 Frankfurt Motorshow with an integrated iPhone. The iPhone is considered to function as navigation tool and gauges. It was obvious it was a concept and should be considered like that.

Some people might argue that it is dangerous to operate an iPhone while driving. While this is certainly true for some functions of an iPhone, such as playing games, the head up display can take away many of the assumed risks involved. For instance calling a number would be much safer than when it is dialed on a regular touch screen device.

iPod / iPhone integration in the dash

Electric Scooter concept by SMART on the 2010 Mondial l'Automobile


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