Cadillac ELR threat to Tesla Model S ?

Cadillac ELR“Is the Cadillac ELR a threat to the Tesla Model S ?” That question was brought up by the CNBC presenters and their correspondent Phil LeBeau in the video after the break. Here is our thought on the future in Europe of the ELR, which had its European debut at the 2013 Geneva Motorshow.
At this year’s NAIAS auto show in Detroit General Motors showed for the first time their newest offspring from the Volt-platform, the Cadillac ELR. Besides the United States, the Chevy Volt has some reasonable sales success in the Netherlands in Europe, where the car is sold as Chevrolet Volt and as Opel Ampera with adjusted bumpers and different decals.

But what about the chances for this Caddy on the old continent ? Despite all the marketing efforts of Cadillac in Europe over the past decades, the American premium car seller has never been able to threaten the supremacy of the European premium car brands in their home market. Now, Cadillac is about to launch the new ELR plug in hybrid vehicle in the United States. The questions that are raised in the video below: Will the upcoming Cadillac ELR –prove to be a threat to the Tesla Model S? And will Tesla Model S customers cross shop the ELR?

InsideEV is clear in its opinion whether or not the new Cadillac will be a sales success: “Given that GM has said that its luxury extended range Cadillac will be priced from $75,995 and will only be offered in limited numbers when it is introduced in January 2014, we would suggest it is not.”

What about Europe? If the ELR is not going to succeed in the USA, it will not do well in Europe either. Given the fact the Tesla image has been sky-rocketing lately to the proportions of a hype and Cadillac does not really bear the same reputation as it does in the United States, the situation is even less favorable to the Cadillac ELR.

And basically that is a pity, because the design and concept of the car itself would justify that it could do some 10% of its USA sales figures in Europe.

What would you do if you were on the team of Cadillac Europe, a modest approach or really go for it?

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