BMW’s Tesla killer ?

BMW i8 4 door

At Marketing in Automotive we try to focus on trends, communications and marketing tools. Normally we leave product news and speculation on new car introductions to others, but when we came across this Photoshop image of a BMW i8 with 4 doors, it caught our imagination.

In the luxury car segment Tesla has sold 667 units of the Model S in the first half of this year in the Netherlands. The combined sales of the BMW i8, 7 series and 6 Gran Coupe were 231 units. Of course some will say The Netherlands is not a relevant factor when it comes to sales numbers in the automotive industry, but this country has a reputation for picking up new trends fast.
If the sales success of Tesla in this country would be an indication for  future developments around Europe, then there is no doubt the business case of a 4-door i8 EV is already signed and sealed at the BMW headquarter in Bavaria. And we could see a 4-door BMW EV, somewhat similar to this Photoshop appear anytime soon on a Motorshow.

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