Battery maker claims breakthrough: electric car range will nearly quadruple

Renault ZOE with charge stations Battery powered electric cars have many advantages over fossil fuel powered ones. Obviously the best is that no gas is required. With the price of electricity already being low and coming down in the future the result is huge savings. Electric cars give off no emissions, which reduces the greenhouse effect and keeps the air clean in dense populated areas. When it comes to driving an electric car the immense torque of the engine and the silence adds up the a whole new experience with a lot of driving pleasure. On the downside there is the fact that most electric cars cannot travel long ranges and even fast recharging still takes significant more time than filling up a tank of gas. In lab circumstances we have seen claims of longer ranges, but an average electric car on the road today such as a Nissan Leaf or a Renault Zoe still has a range of app 120 kilometers. Even drivers of a Tesla Model S with its immense battery pack of 85KW struggle to get more than a 250 kilometer range in the European winter time.

However the limited range might become a problem of the past. This week Seattle-based EnerG2, announced that they can produce a new battery, that offers 4 times the range of current lithium-ion batteries and that their solution is commercially scalable and viable. A Nissan Leaf with its custom range of app. 120 kilometers, would then be able to drive as far as 450 kilometers on a single charge.

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2 thoughts on “Battery maker claims breakthrough: electric car range will nearly quadruple

  1. Great to look back a few years and see how on target you were in this article! Would love to hear about where you think the batteries are going next. With all the new technology coming down the pipeline over the past few years, what do you see as the next biggest ‘disruptor’?

    • Thanks for your kind reply. I am not sure if we will see one big ‘disruptor’. Of course datasharing between cars, autonomous driving and car sharing all hold a lot of promises. In electric look out for the ‘battle’ for charging infrastructure. With so many EVs coming to the market this will become a next big thing, I believe.

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