Autonomous driving on Dutch public roads

autonomous drivingIn the Netherlands, autonomous driving gained a lot of attention because the minister of infrastructure Melanie Schultz van Haegen enjoyed an autonomous ride last week. The Dutch Automative Vehicle Initiative (DAVI) is an autonomous driving project to investigate and demonstrate automated driving on public roads. The minister stated “this is a wonderful innovation that could mean a lot for mobility in the Netherlands and, of course, elsewhere.”

Innitiated by TU Delft, RDW, Connekt and TNO, DAVI will develop automated vehicles equipped with environment perception driving in automated mode on public roads. Since its inception in March 2013, DAVI has rapidly gained momentum, aiming for a first public demonstration as well an official launch of its program at the Innovation-Relay in Amsterdam on November 12th.

The autonomous driving system that has been developed by DAVI enables different cars to accelerate and slow down simultaneously. The cars are also able to communicate with each other about traffic information and therefore could drive closer to each other. All together, this could result in faster and smoother traffic. To test these vehicles and their possibilities, DAVI has the automated cars share the road with manually driven vehicles.

Other advantages of the DAVI system: a reduction of 20% of CO2 emission could be accomplished by these automated vehicles and the traffic will become a lot safer which result in less traffic victims.

We think it’s great that our minister is enthusiastic about this innovation and innitiative. When this kind of new technology gets the attention of politicians, the development of a new future in mobility could become reality a lot faster.

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