About Hanna Sophie Simmons

Hanna Sophie Simmons is the main researcher behind www.Expatstudy.com, a one-of-a-kind research project on the relationship between expatriation and career success for the University of Munich. She is currently collecting data relying heavily on social sites, a rather innovative approach in the academic world. Her interest in social networks was sparked predominantly by the topic of her Master’s thesis in Psychology of Excellence in Business and Education, where she investigated the relationship between personality type and social networking behavior. Hanna has previously worked in the area of e-recruiting and global employer branding for Allianz (one of the world’s largest insurance providers) where she focused on improving the company’s presence on social sites such as LinkedIn and Xing, as well as a Training and Coaching Consultant for the German based company Graf&Nestler.

Social Media: the challenge for car brands

social media connectionIn 1967, 20-year-old Herb N. walked into a car dealership in buzzing Chicago with $3200 cash clutched tightly in his sweaty hand and bought a brand new bright red Mustang. The Mustang wasn’t an especially good deal ($3200 was a lot for a car then and he had just started college), it didn’t have the best safety ratings or durability reports either, but the 1967 Mustang was the one and only car Herb could imagine owning and he simply knew no other car would do. …Continue reading