Announcement: Autonomous driving

herbie autonomous drivingA journalist writing for The New York Times experienced an autonomous drive in an Audi A7 in Jerusalem. Software that was built in this car, was connected to a video camera on the windshield which made it possible to drive autonomously up to 65 miles an hour. This project of the Israeli company Mobileye Vision Technology shows the rapid progress of self-driving cars. The innovative Google car, which got a lot of media attention, is festooned with expensive technologies that could become commercial when mass production starts, but the question is, how quickly will that be? This camera-only self-driving car costs only a few hundred dollars extra and therefore could become reality in the near future.  “The idea is to get the best out of camera-only driving”, said Gaby Hayon, senior vice president for research and development of Mobileye Vision Technology. Although the car hasn’t the same capabilities of the Google car, it makes visible how close we are to this kind of driving.

We are curious what these rapid developments in autonomous driving will bring us. And how quickly. Therefore, we will explore this field in the Automotive Industry the coming weeks on What encompasses autonomous driving? Which brands are already up to it? What kind of technology is necessary?

We are really thrilled about this future way of driving, want to write about it and like to hear your thoughts as well! Want to read all the stories about this topic? Than simply select the category “Autonomous Driving” on this platform and you’ll find them all.

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