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The Stad Marketing in Automotive blog is about trends, digital marketing tools, future possibilities and new technology for, quite obviously, marketing in the automotive and mobility industry. Our topics cover sources of inspiration for marketing and product planning or new marketing programs for cars.

This platform is really for everyone who is working on marketing in the auto industry at headquarters of brands, import organizations, dealers , specialists at advertising and media agencies, journalists, researchers …. and of course, for every mind who is interested in cars and marketing.

We aspire to be a platform were ideas and trends are shared and inspire you with new ideas,  initiate new projects and maybe even help you start a new trend every now and then. Our contributors are writing about their own specialty and become an inspiration for others in the business. That is a creative situation we want to facilitate.


From the early days in the beginning of the 20th century the focus of the automotive industry has been on the product. Today at most major car manufacturers the product is still the center of gravity. While in other sectors the marketing process has made an entry into the earliest stages of business and product development, there seems to be an intractable hold on product in automotive. The industry could have big gains if the integration of marketing and especially digital marketing and -technology would become a part of the inner core of the business.

Today we are on the verge of a new era with new possibilities, which makes the automotive industry a thrilling place to work in.

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