25 percent more effectiveness of outdoor advertisements with mock up reporting

In the coming weeks Marketing in Automotive will write a few items on research and eyetracking of advertisements and outdoor campaigns. We will do this together with a research consultant of Validators: Bart Massa. In the article below he explains what mock up reporting can do for your outdoor campaign. 

25 percent more effectiveness of outdoor advertisements with mock up reporting

mock upPre-testing an outdoor advertisement is not new, but improving the effect of your advertisement campaign with 25 percent is certainly new.

In the starting phase of every campaign questions arise concerning the design and effectiveness of the outdoor ad. There are no better answers to these questions than testing the ads before printing and publishing. Pre-testing allows you to optimize your campaign in order for it to draw more attention in the environment, performs better in brand- and message recall and even will be appreciated more within your target group. In most cases our method improves the effectiveness of the ad with over 25 percent.

Does this sound to good to be true? Not with the unique Mock-up reporting method developed by Validators. In this research design eye tracking is combined with an online survey and signal detection. The Mock-up reporting method consists of the following 4 steps:

  1. Eye tracking measures the attention values. The outdoor advertisements are placed in urban environment called an umfeld to measure the spread of attention.
  2. An online survey gives insight in both the brand and message recall.
  3. Signal detention measures the power of the brand and message. This is the only way you can examine if not half of your budget is spent advertising for a competitive brand.
  4. Mock-ups are the visual translation of the research results into a improved outdoor advertisement. In more than three quarter of the cases the mock-ups provided more than 25 percent efficiency improvement. Which means, the people who see the ad and remember the brand/message increased with 25 percent.

With the mock-ups it is very simple to optimize your outdoor campaign and increase its effectiveness.

On our website www.validators.nl you can see more interesting cases and learn more about our research techniques.

mock up





About the author:
Bart Massa is research consultant at Validators.
Validators is a unique research company because of its ability to combine several techniques: neurotools with traditional research methods.They use their own benchmarks and with several techniques they determine what the effect of a campaign is.

Validators is founded in 2009 and their ambition is to use innovative neuro marketing tools and strategic advice to get an idea of the ‘5 seconds effect’ of communication. The ‘5 seconds effect’ is the foundation for improvement.

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