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55Automotive marketing director, one of the most difficult jobs in the industry.

The job of an automotive marketing director is one of the most difficult in the industry. Marketing new cars, trucks, and other vehicles is an important aspect in determining the success or failure of an automotive firm. Indeed, developing winning marketing campaigns and distinguishing between your product and the competition is a key factor in drawing consumers to their local dealership. Automotive marketing directors are in charge of the busy design, sales, and administrative professionals that help put together marketing campaigns.

Due to the high stress and importance of their job, automotive marketing directors may not realise that they need to sharpen their skills in order to succeed in their jobs. A director who is immersed in managing multiple marketing campaigns can often lose sight of how they can improve upon themselves. These marketing executives need to ensure that they are at the top of their game not only for their own professional success but the overall success of the firm.

The question for automotive marketing directors is how they can improve upon skills while in the thick of their stressful lives. The first step in increasing productivity in automotive marketing positions is to develop an inventory of skills needed for daily success. Automotive marketing directors may be busy during their days but they need to take a few minutes to review this list of skills and determine whether they are getting the job done. These inventories are an important first step towards success.

A marketing director may realise that they are not keeping up with the latest in industry news. Marketing directors in the automotive field need to stay updated on what their firm is doing, what other firms are doing, and the major trends in the automotive industry. The Internet makes finding news very easy and an automotive marketing director, with trade publications and news sites available with the click of a button.

Automotive marketing departments also need directors who are creative. Directors need to look back to past campaigns on a regular basis in order to avoid repetition in corporate marketing. As well, directors need to speak with their designers and developers to determine the best way to promote new product lines. A combination of conversation and creativity can lead to great campaigns.
Finally, automotive marketing directors need to be strong communicators. Directors can organise informal meetings, one-on-one sessions, and online forums in order to stay in contact with their subordinates. The ability to communicate with co-workers reflects on the ability of a director to communicate product information to the general public.

Source: Succeeding as an Automotive Marketing Director

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