Automotive@eDay 2013 event : The challenge in robotic cars is the human factor

Eday overviewThis week the Emerce E-Week event and festival in Amsterdam took place. It is a series of events, which lures in over 2000 marketers, e-commerce specialists and media connoisseurs to the capital of the Netherlands. Pinnacle of the week is the eDay event, where approximately 70 internationally renowned marketing  lecturers, creative free thinkers and cutting edge speakers give it their utmost to inspire the audience with the newest ideas and best insights for the future. The eDay event was organized for the ninth time and this year’s theme was, What’s next in media, marketing and e-business.

Although this event is oriented purely around digital marketing, automotive was a reoccurring item in several speeches in this years’ edition. …Continue reading

Announcement: Autonomous driving

herbie autonomous drivingA journalist writing for The New York Times experienced an autonomous drive in an Audi A7 in Jerusalem. Software that was built in this car, was connected to a video camera on the windshield which made it possible to drive autonomously up to 65 miles an hour. This project of the Israeli company Mobileye Vision Technology shows the rapid progress of self-driving cars. The innovative Google car, which got a lot of media attention, is festooned with expensive technologies that could become commercial when mass production starts, but the question is, how quickly will that be? …Continue reading

Stop looking for a P, just ParkatmyHouse

ParkatmyHouseEvery driver is familiar with the situation of driving a million blocks before a reasonbale parking spot pops up. Not a very ideal activity to spent your valuable time on. In this digital age, maybe an online service could be the solution. Started in Britain, ParkatmyHouse is now the world’s largest online parking marketplace. …Continue reading

Small preview to Europe’s largest motor show of 2013

Renault Paris 2012 - now IAA Motor ShowTomorrow Europe’s largest motor show of 2013 – the Frankfurt IAA – opens its doors to the press.

The economic downtrend of the past years has definitely left its mark in the car industry. But now we see more and more economic indicators show some positive upswing. Even Prime Minister Antonis Samaris of Greece has declared that he sees light at the end of the tunnel for his country in these economic hard times. If there are …Continue reading

Local Motors, a global trend

Local Motors Rally Fighter carLocal Motors is car manufacturer that is, in their own words, all about next-generation, crowd-powered automotive design, manufacturing and technology to enable the creation of game-changing vehicles. This is their car and here is why it is so remarkable.
…Continue reading

Marketers struggle with relationship data. And automotive marketers?

Customer Lifecycle Engagement Yesmail and Gleanster 2013As an automotive marketer in a brands headquarter or country organization, you know the needs, wishes and preferences of your brands customers and dearest fans. When is it the best moment to start communicating about that new promotional package or lure them into buying the new face lifted model? You know, don’t you? …Continue reading

Twizy rules the French Riviera

Twizy rules the French Riviera

How effective is flirting out of an electric car? Well, at first, women didn’t found the little urban vehicles very attractive  (“…and then he flirted with me out of an electric smart!”). This summer, the French Riviera is experiencing the opposite. The Avant-garde at the French beach has discovered the conspicuous design of the Renault Twizy and the ease of recharging this car. …Continue reading

Nissan introduces urban EV concept

Nissan introduces urban EV

Nissan introduces a new electric vehicle concept for urban usage. With its compact design this vehicle can easily find its way through small and twisty European alleys but it is also stable because of the four wheels. Etienne Henry, Nissan’s head of product strategy and planning: “The Nissan urban car …Continue reading

MyOrder app: order your food on the road

MyOrder app: order your food on the road

Tired of waiting in line at your favorite wayside restaurant? At Shell they think they found a solution. The MyOrder app for smartphones allows customer to order and pay their food before they arrive at a Shell station with a restaurant. After a pilot with the MyOrder app, Shell concluded that this service is what customers are looking for. …Continue reading

Car Brands and National Heritage – Partnership of the Day

Car Brands and National Heritage
This week we noticed three new tv commercials that have a concept along the same line: A car brand, presenting a new model, while going back to their national roots and working together with celebrities of their native country.

Car brands tend to think of themselves as global brands. In general the themes in tv commercials have to appeal to an international audience. This made that concept developers at agencies tended to stay away from linking a car brand to a local hero form the car brands country of origin. …Continue reading

Robotic cars: are legislators ready for this disruptive technology ?

Volvo self driving or robotic car 2014

Autonomous or robotic cars is the newest buzz in the automotive industry. It all started some three years ago when Google sponsored the self-driving car research program by Stanford University. The project created a lot of publicity. The video of Steve Mahan, a citizen with a 95% reduced eye sight, behind the wheel of an autonomous driving Toyota Prius, generated some 4,4 million views on Youtube. …Continue reading

Smartphone will take over online advertising


In most of the Western countries, smartphone adoption among mobile users has passed the milestone of 50%. Other countries are really close to this percentage and will pass in this year or in 2014.  In Europe for example, this is the case for the southern countries like France, Spain and Italy while Nordic countries like Norway, Sweden and the UK already passed. …Continue reading

Digital Tools and social media

Digital Tools and social media

Sharing articles, pictures or quotes on social media is a common way of keeping your likers and followers informed about your company. However, with an enormous variety of social media platforms, this is a hard to manage job if you want to post content on every platform on the right day and the right time. Furthermore, you don’t want your followers to get annoyed by too much content in a short amount of time.  …Continue reading

Digital tools and crowdsourcing


With new kinds of platforms and tools in the digital world, we are able to do and create things in a way we couldn’t in the past. Crowdsourcing, for example, is a method to make use of all the creativity that is out there. Maybe we’re used to a way of working where only one agency works together with a client, but the digital world enable us to invent new ways of working together.

A nice example of a digital tool for crowdsourcing is a platform called 99designs. …Continue reading

U.S.A. electric vehicles drive more than gas-powered cars


Results of an U.S.A study on driver behaviour shows an interesting twist “they didn’t see coming.” As it happens, drivers of a plug-in vehicle are driving more than their gasoline counterparts. On average of course. Besides, owners of a plug-in vehicle are also getting more used to charging their cars outside of their homes. …Continue reading

Car sales April 2013: Economic recovery or BMW no longer premium?


If a premium brand gains 11 percent for the year through April, maybe it’s time to state economic recovery. Certainly for Mercedes, which extends lead over BMW in the U.S. with this gain last month. In the Netherlands though, economic recovery is not really a fact. To say the least. Therefore BMW attracts attention with a gain of 10 percent in April. What happened here? Is BMW no longer a premium luxury brand but the brand-of-choice in an economic downturn? …Continue reading

50 years old, 100 percent electric









Why buying a new electric car if you can change a beautiful 50 year old VW Beetle into an electric vehicle? That’s what David Bernardo, founder of the Californian company Zelectric Motors must have thought. His company has plans to convert vintage VW cars into 100 percent electric cars.

But why the VW Beetle?
According to Zelectric Motors, their universal popularity along with a robust industry in support of VW owners make this car a good candidate. Around the world, thousands of specialized mechanics, owners’ clubs and parts manufacturers can be found. Thereby, the simple design of the VW Beetle and its light weight are exceptional and perfect for an electric drive.

Trends in automotive – what will the 83rd Geneva motor show hold in stock?

If you want to know what trends the motor industry has in stock for the coming years, then visiting one of the Top 5 international automobile exhibitions in the world is the thing to do. If you look carefully, the trends are laid there out at your feet …Continue reading