New Citroën DS on the 19th

Citroën DS

Citroën decided to make a new version of their iconic DS: a DS premium class sedan. They reveal it in a few days: on December 19th. Why is the DS so beloved and what should the new one look like?

What’s the most beautiful car of all time? It’s a hard question to answers, as an article on Autoblog stated. There are a lot of all time favorites and everyone has its own opinion. Therefore, the editors of Classic & Sports Car magazine assembled a panel of some of the most influential car designers around and asked them to choose only one. And what did they come up with? The Citroën DS.

Is it its name derived from Déesse (French for Goddess)? Is it the futuristic shape that was an instant design classic? Or is it not just the shape that revolutionised automotive design but moreover the complex self-levelling suspension, plus powered steering, clutch and brakes that were otherwordly compared to rival cars of that era (1955)? Or deserves the DS this title because of all of these facts?

Citroën spokesperson Marc Raven commented on the great news: “It’s great to see the iconic DS getting such recognition amongst such an august group of car designers , and with the amazing news that a new DS range from Citroën will appear over the next few years, it’s clear we have lost none of our styling panache or instinct for innovation.”

Design agency Brandpowder set itself a challenge: “Take the two most beautiful cars ever made, the sexiest babes on wheels that ever happened to roam the planet, and put them together, literally. If this sounds totally crazy to you, it’s because it is.”

So Brandpowder took the Porsche 911 and the Citroën DS. The two cars are totally different in weight, shape and dynamics, not to mention horsepower, and “you can’t simply cut and glue them together.” Nevertheless, they decided to give it a go anyway. Take a look at the process and the endresult!

What do you think of this car of Brandpower? En what do you think the new DS will look like?

Porsche Citroen DS 911

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