Kia Picanto, Toyota Aygo and Peugeot 107 top the resale value charts in the Netherlands

Kia Picanto, here at the introduction at the Rai Motorshow, tops the Dutch resale value chart

Small cars have always been on top of resale value charts in The Netherlands. Kia Picanto drivers are in for a nice surprise when they trade in their car, because for the first time in history a Kia is now leading the top 10 of cars with the highest trade-in value of all cars on the Dutch market.

Today Autotelex published its yearly overview of the winners and losers when it comes to trade in value for consumers. Here are the cars with the best trade in value (the value after three years and the date of introduction):

  1. Kia Picanto 69,5 (apr-11)
  2. Toyota Aygo 69,2 (jun-05)
  3. Peugeot 107 / Citroën C1 69,1 (jun-05)
  4. Fiat 500 68,3 (nov-07)
  5. Honda Jazz 68,0 (nov-08)
  6. Mini (Hatchback) 67,5 (nov-06)
  7. Nissan Juke 67,2 (sep-10)
  8. Skoda Yeti 66,9 (sep-09)
  9. Citroën DS3 65,6 jan-10
  10. Volkswagen Polo 65,5 (jun-09)

The cars on which you loose the most money as a consumer:

  1. Cadillac BLS 41,8 (mrt-06)
  2. Citroën C6 42,0 (jan-06)
  3. Chrysler Grand Voyager 42,9 (apr-08)
  4. Land Rover Discovery 43,0 (mei-04)
  5. Mercedes-Benz R-klasse 43,6 (jul-07)
  6. Nissan Murano 43,7 (okt-08)
  7. Subaru Tribeca 44,1 (feb-08)
  8. Chrysler 300C 46,4 (jun-04)
  9. Chrysler PT Cruiser 46,5 (okt-05)
  10. Hyundai Sonata 46,6 (dec-08)

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